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How do I know when you are open?

Our hours can change daily during the season due to weather conditions. Please see the top heading for any updates and changes due to weather. If it is snowing or forecast to snow or raining, we may not be open.
During our open seasons, the message at the top of page is usually updated with all the necessary information.

See our calendar for scheduled hours. For your safety, our fields close at dusk.


Important Note:

Our/this Website is the only official website for Miller's Family Farm. There are other websites have that published dates/pricing/hours of operation and inventory information. We cannot confirm or control the accuracy of information through/from other websites.

Before you visit!!

Measure the height of your ceiling. Bring a tape measure with you to measure the field tree. Trees tend to look smaller in the field than in your home, especially when you bring it home and put it in a good tree stand. Harvesting a Christmas tree can be hard work. Bring helpers to help carry or pull your tree on a tarp to our baler. We can help too. Wear appropriate foot wear. This is a real working farm. You will encounter an all natural terrain. Boots with good firm treads are recommended. If it has snowed, be prepared with snow boots. Dress in layers and especially wear warm socks on cold days. Strollers should not be in the fields, please plan accordingly. Bring a tarp. Once you find the tree your family loves, the tarp will help you carry/pull it back to a baling station. It's also perfect for covering the trunk of your car or the roof when you tie it on to bring it home.


Do I need to bring something to secure my tree?              

Do you provide netting?

We can supply string for you to secure your tree. If driving on the highway, we recommend you bring rope for a secure ride home. We can secure the tree to your vehicle, but our farm and personnel assume no responsibility! We supply netting (netting or string) to wrap your tree. We have invested in a machine that wraps your tree with string when available. This feature helps with reducing plastic waste, it wraps the tree tighter for transporting and easier to go through doorways.

What is the cost for your field trees?

Our field trees varies in price.  $78.00 (plus tax) for the average trees up to 7 ft. Pricing over 7 ft & under 9 ft are $98.00 (plus tax), over 9 ft can be determined prior to cutting, pricing is based on the height and shape of the tree. Why have tree prices risen? Labor cost (planting, shaping, fertilizing, watering) has risen, fertilizer has increased over 40%, and fuel have all risen in the past few years.

Can I tag a field tree and pick up later? Please read.

Yes. Please understand, we have no control of missing tags, tags taken off trees, trees cut and missing when you come back, or damage to a tree beyond our control. At this time, only customers who have been on our email list will be able to tag trees. We currently have a waiting list for tagging, please email us for further information. For your safety, our fields close at dusk. Currently, we have a waiting list for our field trees.

Due to the drought conditions from 2019 to 2022 our trees suffered. The summer of 2023 was to wet. We have lost hundreds of trees of all sizes. The surviving trees have grown slowly. We have been planting 100-200 trees per year and hope to be able to offer more trees in the next few years. We hope you understand.

What type of field trees do you grow?

We grow Balsam, Canaan, Norway Spruce, some Blue Spruce. 

Do you sell pre-cut trees?

Yes when available.

What is the proper dress attire to visit?

Miller's Family Farms is a working farm with New England charm. Part of that charm includes natural paths and walkways with rocks, stumps, roots, and other obstacles. Proper footwear is suggested for all seasons – a hard sole shoe with good treads!! Wearing heels, wedges, flip-flops and other loose fitting types of shoes is not recommended. Dress comfortably for the weather so you can enjoy our farm experience.

Miller's Family Farms is a non-smoking farm unless in the parking area.

Can I cut my own tree?  See farm personal before cutting or choosing a tree.

Yes, once trees are tagged and paid for you may cut your own tree. Chainsaws and Axes are not allowed (any type) for obvious reasons, safety. Bow (hand) saws, battery sawzalls are allowed. Do you provide bow saws? Yes, we can loan you a bow saw. Note: use of our saws or yours are to be used at your own risk. Bring a tarp.

Once you find the tree your family loves, the tarp will help you carry it back to a baling station. It's also perfect for covering the trunk of your car or roof when you tie it on to bring it home. For your safety, our fields close at dusk.

Can you deliver our tree?

Yes, if your home is within our delivery area. There is a delivery fee depending on distance from our farm. Can you bring a wreath with the tree? Yes. Email us with your requested delivery address for price and availability.

Do you have gift cards?  No not at this time.  


Can I order a wreath to be sent as a gift?  Yes. Please email us with your request. Please specify what you are looking for, delivery address, so we can help you with the cost of your requested item.


Do you take credit cards?
Yes we do
(when available), we also accept cash and checks for payment. There is a $3.00 fee for credit/debit cards,

Where can I get updates on your Farm?
You can follow us on our Facebook.
Important changes can be found on the top of our website or you may email us with your question.

Can I bring my dog/pets to the farm?
Owners are welcomed with their pets. Friendly pet dogs are allowed in the Christmas tree fields, only when purchasing or tagging a tree during our open hours, check in before entering the fields. Owners must be in control & responsible for their dog, dogs must be on a leash at all times, for everybody's safety. Please make sure they are leashed throughout your experience and be prepared to clean up after them, please, so we can continue to have you visit with your dog. Thanks.

Can we walk/ride on farm property?
We enjoy that everyone loves the beauty of our land, however it's hard work to keep it looking that way. For the safety of our guests, our animals and to abide by insurance requirements, we cannot offer our farm to the general public. Miller's Family Farm is private property. The public is invited to visit with us during our stated operational hours as noted on this website to purchase items.

Does your farm host birthday parties?
We have in the past. Please email us with your request.

Do you offer school tours at the farm?

Yes, to learn about our school program and pricing please email us.

Do you allow private events at the farm?
We do host private special events. Please email us with your request.

Can I do a photo shoot/engagement photos/wedding photos at your farm?
Yes, we have a photographer page with more information. Only photographers are allowed and by appointment only. Email us to discuss your needs. Our insurance does not allow families/groups without a professional photographer.

Drone use at our farm?
Drones are not permitted to be used at this farm. Thank you for understanding.

Do you have hot cocoa at the farm?
During Christmas season events, we may offer hot cocoa.

Do you offer fundraisers? 

Yes. As an example, Rockland Federal Credit Union & our farm

partnered to help a local animal shelter. We held a photo with Santa

and raised hundreds dollars and can goods for the shelter.

Is the farm handicap-accessible?
Unfortunately, we feel it would be difficult to access the tree fields
with a wheelchair. We will do our best to meet your requirements. Please email us before your visit to discuss you needs.

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