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Tree Care Tips on Caring for a Real Christmas Tree

  • TRAVELING: On long road trips, the tree should be protected from wind and sun/heat. It is advisable not to leave your tree in or on a vehicle for a long time in the sun. The top of your car may be hot and needle damage may occur. Bring a blanket, sheet or tarp.

  • FRESH CUT: A fresh cut to the bottom of the tree is important. 3/4" or more is all that is needed for your tree to be able to absorb water. Do not shave the bark off of the trunk, your tree will not be able to absorb water. Straight cut is best!

  • STAND: Your stand must be able to hold enough water for the size of the tree. A good rule of thumb is a one-quart capacity for every inch of diameter of the trunk.

  • WATER: Place the tree in its water-holding stand or 5 gal bucket within two hours after cutting the trunk. An evergreen tree, when cut, will naturally form a seal of sap over its stump to keep moisture in the tree. You need to break the seal to allow the tree to once again “drink” the water needed to keep it fresh.

  • ABOUT WATER TEMP AND ADDITIVES: Water temperature makes no difference. We would not recommend very hot water. Adding tree preservatives makes no difference by some studies. It is best for your tree is fresh clean water and to put tree in water asap, within 2 hours of cutting the bottom with a fresh cut.

  • #1 MISTAKE: Not providing enough water and placing near an heat source. Your tree should be kept away fireplaces (gas or wood) ( we witnessed one less than 6' from a fireplace), southerly exposure windows, any baseboard heaters (if no choice close the louver) over hot air heat registers (yes we saw this first hand). Your tree will last with proper care for you to enjoy.

  • IMPORTANT:  Another important tree care tip is to maintain adequate water level. Do not let the water level drop below the tree cut. Check water levels often in the first week. A tree can take up the most water after it was recently cut and placed in water. It could absorb as much as several quarts of water the first 24 hours the tree is in your house. Water absorption will slow down. Ask us about our water funnels when picking up your tree.

  • NOT READY TO BRING INDOORS?: If your tree will brought home although not put inside in a stand, it is best to keep it in a cool place, such as an unheated garage, away from southerly exposures, doors & windows or inside a shed. Putting it in a 5 gal bucket of water will not hurt unless the water will freeze. In this case, just leave the tree without water. Important: Ready to go inside....fresh cut within 2 hours.

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